29 Pieces To Look Amazing At Work

Need an instant confidence boost at work? Look no further than your own closet. Of course, we're not about to promise that the purchase of a new, minty-hued silk blouse will guarantee you that raise you deserve. However, if said blouse impacts how you carry yourself at the office — it makes you stand a little straighter and shine a bit brighter in an essential meeting — it can help enhance your performance, and you may just find yourself reaching those goals. And, doing so in style.
So, to get on that flat-out fearless trajectory at the office, try a few simple wardrobe upgrades — think of the picks ahead as a vitamin B12 injection, sans needles. Yes, we've got 29 recommendations, but it only takes one new, happy buy to do the trick. Not only might you fuel some friendly conversation with your co-workers in the way of compliments, but you'll also feel like a total boss.

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