The Ultimate Guide To Lazy-Day Dressing

After what felt like a month straight of holiday partying, it’s time to just sit. Plop on the couch, do absolutely nothing (besides catch up on your DVR), and relish your status as a certified couch potato. At this point, it seems like that whole hitting-the-gym resolution can even wait until February. But, just because you’re spending your downtime lounging, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style. Hey, you never know who may pop over to watch that Scandal rerun. So, think beyond your S.O.’s old, baggy tee or those ancient gym sweats.
And, because we would never make you think (let alone work) on your lazy day off, we’ve plucked 15 relaxation-ready duds (everything from printed pajamas to fuzzy sweats) that are made for those cozy nights in. Bonus: Some of these goods could actually work when you’re on duty, too. Sweatshirts for Casual Friday? Yes, please. So, sit back, kick up your feet, and unwind in style.

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