Cult-Classic Primpers Worth The Hype

With all of the hype surrounding Naked 3-aggeddon, did you ever find yourself wondering why certain beauty products cause such a frenzy among the makeup-loving masses? Sure, you've heard celebs and makeup artists mention YSL's Touche Éclat highlighter and Clinique's Black Honey lipstick again and again, but surely they can't be that good, right?
While we can tell you that not all hyped-up products are actually that life-changing, there are some out there that are indeed quite worthy of their prized-primper reputation. To help shed light on those makeup marvels that have earned their stripes, we chatted with three of our all-time-favorite beauty pros — Tina Turnbow, James Vincent, and Clarissa Luna — to give us the breakdown on 15 products that deserve their cult status.
Read on to check our definitive list of the 15 most legendary cosmetics of all time — whether you're a makeup newbie or a die-hard beauty fan, you'll want to study up on these primping powerhouses!

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