Sneakers At Work? Yes, You Can!

Getting back into our daily routine after a few well-spent days away from the office is tough. Our bed feels even cozier than usual, the weather seems bleaker (well, it kind of is), and our morning commute is just a total pain in the you-know-what. But, since we can't hit the snooze button on life, we'll settle for a few extra minutes of sleep (make that 10!) after our alarm sounds for the second third time. Lucky for you, though, we spent those bonus ZZZs dreaming up the perfect casual-Friday look to show our coworkers that laid-back can be just as work-friendly as those traditional pencil skirts and black pumps.
Which brings us to our ultimate shoe savior after a party-filled (and blister-ridden) New Year's Eve: the sneaker. Slip-on, metallic, athletic, the three rad styles we tracked down are perfect for donning at the office (as long as HR is on board with a relaxed dress code). Shave off a few seconds in the morning with sleek, slip-ons; add a little (or a lot) of shine, no heels required; or pair your running kicks with classic 9-to-5 pieces for a cool-girl effect.
So, click through for some seriously fashionable ensembles, courtesy of Shopbop. And, check out 21 sweet sneaks that'll keep your arches happy all day long.

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