Which Kooky Print Will Make It Big?

Not only is the graphic sweatshirt truly hitting its stride this upcoming season, but there were also a slew of fresh sillhouettes coupled with these eye-popping prints. Yep, we spotted sweaters, playsuits, skirts, and tees running rampant down countless spring catwalks. But, the saturation point of this youthful, high-energy trend has yet to be reached, and we're feeling pretty comfortable with the prospect of another season of cheeky, [insert whatever fruit/pet/doodad your heart desires here]-emblazoned clothes.
For spring '14, out-of-left-field graphics found a place between lace-appliqué dresses and sequined skirts at Marc Jacobs, and they full-on ruled the runway with a colorful, straight-forward take on botany diagrams at Christopher Kane (pictured). After all, adding that novelty piece to a lineup can sometimes be a poignant synopsis of the collection's overaching story; other times, though, it's a friendly wink within a series featuring serious, skillful tailoring and careful drapery. Whatever the reason, though, isn't it always just plain enjoyable to get a little lowbrow fun mixed in with the highbrow?
So, we gathered 17 designer, statement-making, novelty threads ahead that have the staying power to last another season. But, if their quirk isn't enough to convince you, let us further make the case for this look with Kenzo, where design team Carol Lim and Humberto Leon found inspiration in marine preservation. Now, that's certainly proof this trend hasn't jumped the shark and has the fins to swim on through to summer.

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