5 Hydrating Face Masks For Code-Red Skin Emergencies

Ever feel like everything that could go wrong with your skin is happening, all at the same time? Dryness, roughness, irritation, acne, even peeling? It's called winter, friends. And, it's likely that all of that complexion-related chaos is related to one thing: dryness.
Thankfully, there are some crazy-hydrating new face masks on the market right now, at every price point, that feature some seriously soothing ingredients. From argan oil to wakame (yup, that would be Japanese sea kelp), these rejuvenating treatments will get you on the fast track to happy, balanced skin. They may not be instant fixes, but they're the closet things we've found to skin-care miracles. Click through, pick your fave, and let us know what you've been using to keep your winter skin happy!

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