The Best Things To Watch On Netflix

Catty relatives, judgmental parents, childhood bedrooms, and a whole lotta booze: No matter what your specific situation entails, the holidays can be all kinds of stressful. Luckily, Netflix has you covered.
Somehow, whenever you are home (yours) or home (your parents), there's always some drama to be had. But you've made it through the 25th and now you deserve some serious decompression time, no matter what the holiday hath wrought. Hey, Christmas may often be merry, but it’s never easy.
Thankfully, we Netflix fiends have painstakingly curated a catalog that’s perfect for some serious holiday escapism because, well, we all need it. We've rounded up the absolute best things on the delivery service and have given you every reason to binge. Here are 18 things to watch on Netflix for every excruciating holiday scenario. Thank us after the Christmas tree has come down.
Note: We tried to pick movies that are on Instant, but Instant watching is varied by region and country. (Canada has The Social Network, USA does not.) We made sure there are Instant — and not Instant — options for everyone

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