Sartorial Book Club: Our Holiday Reading List

When's the last time you had a whole day to yourself, perfectly content to read at your leisure — and smack-dab in the middle of the workweek? And, no, sick days don't count (unless you're playing hooky, of course). Yep, we thought so. If there's one thing we're extra thankful for this holiday season, it's that glorious period between Christmas and New Year's Eve, where our jobs don't exist (for some of us) and lounging about in our pajamas is practically required. What better time than now to nerd out on a new book?
Thanks to our friends from The Coveteur, Stone Fox Bride, Homepolish, Dermalogica, The Glow, Clos-ette, and YouBeauty, we've got nine top-notch recommendations to dive into (plus, even more R29-approved picks here and here!). From nonfiction page-turners like Bill Bryson's At Home to stirring coming-of-age stories like Adelle Waldman's The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., these tomes span a number of literary genres, making for lots of fun, fashionable accoutrements to pair with 'em. The only tough part is deciding which book to crack open first!

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