Jammie Time! 16 PJs We Wanna Live In

So, maybe it's not okay for adults to call their sleepwear jammies. Maybe it's better if we go with something sexier, like lingerie or even loungewear. Regardless, for us, comfort is key. And, no word completely encompasses the feeling of snuggly goodness quite like that throwback moniker.
In the post-holiday spirit of sleeping late, feeling cozy, and, well, staying in your jammies for as long as possible, we've rounded up our 16 favorite sleep-in-'em, live-in-'em styles we're not afraid to show the world. Yes, a ripped sorority T-shirt and old gym shorts will certainly do the trick, but we have a feeling when you set your eyes on these good-looking options, you'll rethink that pajama drawer, after all.
Click through for our favorite PJs to shop right now. Sweet dreams!

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