The Ultimate Wish List: Couples' Edition

There’s nothing as stressful as glancing at the calendar, realizing it’s days before Christmas, and dreading the fact that there's still nothing under the tree for your S.O. Tsk, tsk. The last place you want to land yourself is in the doghouse (especially come New Year's Eve!).
But, we get it. This time of year is overwhelming and you’re fresh out of ideas and — let's be real — time. So, we’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve tapped 22 cool S.F. couples who are sharing what they're hoping to find under the tree come December 25. Let this spark some inspiration in the gift-giving department (and we'll let you take all the credit!). From an adorable outdoorsy couple’s creative suggestions to an artsy duo’s must-haves, these picks are worth your clicks.

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