15 Celebs Who Rule At Travel Style

With holiday travel comes a whole new slew of stressful situations. Shipping presents, planning ahead at work, setting up more hometown get-togethers than your iCal can handle, and, of course, picking the ultimate festive wardrobe to pack with you. So, while the least of your troubles may be what to wear when you're checking your bags and fumbling through security lines with as many packages as Santa, don't let your in-transit look suffer (that is, succumbing to your schlubbiest of sweatpants).
To help get you from point A to point B in style, we're following the lead of those individuals who are professionals at looking fly on the fly. After all, with their jet-setting lifestyle, these 15 celebrities ahead have airport fashion down to a science. Click on for the easy-to-follow formulas that'll guarantee you'll look amazing before, during, and after landing.

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