How To Get Gorgeous Hair In The Morning

Let's face it: No one's a morning person. And, anyone who says that with a straight face is probably lying. Seriously, why would you willingly leave the comfort of a toasty bed and put on real pants? We certainly don't if we can help it, which definitely explains our "purposeful" bedhead.
So, since we begrudgingly could use a little help (and Cinderella's birds aren't flying to the rescue), we called in Hair Room Service founder and CEO Michael Dueñas for tips to speed up our morning routine. From a way-cool trick to sleeken hair sans straightener to moving to the beat of music on the Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 + Gear™ — a wrist-ready wearable device that works in tandem with its phone counterpart to simplify our tech-obsessed lives — these next-level tricks will get you out the door in no time. Now you've got time to pick up coffee on the way to work — don't forget ours! Advertisement

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