15 Tips To Turn Your Home Upside Down

Give interior designer Ghislaine Viñas an empty space, and she'll trick it out with everything you never dreamed of. Now, you know we tell it like it is here at R29, so we're not joking when we say that Viñas' work is off-the-charts bonkers. We're not just talking about impeccably curated artwork that would rival the Met, though that's undoubtedly impressive, but stainless-steel slides, wooden swings, and indoor "rock-climbing" setups that redefine our idea of interior decorating. We'll give you a sec to take it all in.
You guys okay? Good. So, seeing as how Viñas has a track record of turning homes upside down, we tapped the guru to give us a tour of one of her favorite projects in NYC, along with tips on how you (yes, you!) can get the same effect with fun pillows, cool (but not kitschy) plates, and bold hues. Throw in a Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 + Gear™ — a smartphone and arm candy-esque wearable device (taking pics has never been so hands-free) that sync up — and you're halfway to changing your occupation to interior designer. A house is not a home — until you try some of Viñas' tips. Advertisement

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