Daring Lip Shades For The Boldest Babes

We have an important question. Why wear simple, pretty, berry-colored lipstick when you can wear a fierce violet one? Or how about sky blue? Fancy a deep gray? You see, we've suddenly found ourselves absolutely captivated by these gorgeously strange lipstick shades popping up all around us. Gold? Silver? We're having a hard time wrapping our minds around this shift: For our whole lives, we were told to save the wild colors for our eye makeup and keep our lips in the red/brown/pink family. This season's lipstick has blown that notion out of the water.
The issue, of course, is whether or not one can actually wear any of these crazy colors and still look good. Well, we happen to think it's a matter of adjusting how you define "looking good," but we admittedly tend to fall on the more radical side of the makeup spectrum. We certainly don't expect everyone to see a tube of emerald-green lipstick and want to put it on immediately. But, one thing is for sure: We can all definitely enjoy some eye candy that features these ultra-daring shades. After all, you don't have to want it for yourself to appreciate its fabulousness on someone else, right?
So, in that spirit, we called up makeup artist Nico Guilis to create looks based on the craziest lip colors we could find. Click through to see the out-of-control prettiness she came up with.

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