11 Stylish Flannels To Keep You Chic And Comfy

We could be having the most feel-good, productive day at work or be out scoring major deals while shopping with friends. But, when winter hits, there's really nothing we'd rather be doing than snuggling up with Netflix — in our flannel PJs, of course. Something about the warm and wooly material lends us all the comfort we need. But, unfortunately, we can't always just shut out the real world for a bed fort of blankets (except on weekends — this is perfectly acceptable on weekends).
Instead, we're carrying the coziness with us to the office in the form of soft-woven separates that look nothing like your jammies. All of the flannel pieces we've rounded up are luxe enough to keep you snug during your daily routine, but they're also totally eye-catching. So, you'll look like a million bucks and feel like you're at home lounging on the couch. Ahead, the very best of both worlds.
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