14 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $500 — Don't Mind If We Do

Good news, brides-to-be: Weddings ain't what they used to be. The leading lady doesn't have to wear white; your playlist is not required to include the Chicken Dance, and engagement rings don't have to cost two months' salary. In fact, we went ahead and tracked down 14 sparkly beauties from traditional white-gold-and-diamond combos to less expected colored stones and gems. Each is completely forever-worthy and none has a price tag of more than $500.
So, if you're not the kind of bride who's been obsessing over cut, clarity, and carat since you were able to say "betrothed," you may just find the ring of your dreams in just a couple of clicks. Now, all you need is that special someone. Sorry, we can't help you there.

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