Holiday Decor That Looks Like Yours, Not Your Mom's

The whole concept of seasonal decor is a strange one. Spend a load of cash on something that'll sit in a box for 11 months? No, thank you. Plus, while we do enjoy partaking in holiday festivities, we do not want the inside of our living rooms looking like the ground floor of our local mall. Porcelain Santas, faux-snow table runners, and candy-cane pillows are nice at Mom's, but we'd rather do something with a little more charm and a little less camp when it comes to decorating for the holidays.
Fortunately, decor stores are wising up to the new guard that isn't so into felt and tinsel, either. From glass wear that's festive (but you can easily use it any time of the year) to ornaments that don't scream, "Got it at an after-Christmas sale!" these items feel season-less and denomination-less but still merry. Ahead, check out the 14 picks we're scooping up for our own pads. And, oh — did we mention that everything is under $50?

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