Trade Your LBD For An LBJ — A Little Black Jumpsuit, That Is

The holidays are here. You know this because you're still full of turkey (or Tofurky), you've completed the season's first viewing of Love Actually, and you're starting to feel that mix of anticipation and excitement over the many fun-time possibilities between now and New Year's Eve. But, whether your schedule is filled with parties or your plans simply include spending a few nights with some buds sipping hot toddies at a hole in the wall, we've got a case for the LBJ.
The LBJ, also known as the little black jumpsuit, is a workwear-inspired silhouette with an evening-wear sensibility. And, it's a combination that's equal parts comfortable and "party! party! party!" all the time. Cartwheels will never be out of the question in an LBJ, and no one's going to find you in the corner with your arms crossed, complaining that you're cold.
Convinced about the trend but nervous it won't flatter? Fear not! There are so many cuts and styles on offer this season that there's bound to be a jumpsuit perfect for your body type. For example, the 10 one-piece wonders ahead include supremely tailored to silky, loose cuts; a gorgeous, long-sleeve, backless number from Band of Outsiders; draped waists; and tapered and wide-leg looks. So, believe the hype — this holiday trend's got legs.

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