Last-Minute Holiday-Dessert Magic Is Yours With These 12 Cookbooks

T-minus 24 hours 'til Thanksgiving dinner. But, don't panic! There's still plenty of time to cook the turkey, the green-bean casserole, a bazillion other carb-loaded sides, and the dessert. However, since baked goods generally take second chair to the main course, we've rounded up a dozen cookbooks with to-die-for recipes that are sure to impress in the final rounds of binge-eating madness. And, these treats go way beyond brownies and pumpkin pie.
From gluten-free eats and chocolaty fondue recipes to nontraditional pies and vanilla-infused everything, the 12 cookbooks ahead will help you get the dessert course under control. Now, it's up to your inner baking goddess to whip up some holiday magic that'll seriously impress the in-laws, the S.O., and the rest of the extended family. Ovens at the ready!

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