3 Holiday-Ready Styles For Curly Girls

We have to admit that we're totally envious of our curly-haired friends and how their gorgeous natural texture is a beautiful style in itself. It seems that, even with minimal styling, God-given curls frame the wearer's features like nobody's business. Whether left wild or perfectly defined, we love curls of all shapes and sizes.
That being said, we know that even the proudest curly girls may want fresh ways to style their swirls, especially around party season. So, we worked with Yessenia Reyes, hairstylist at Hair Rules, to come up with three styles that make the most of all of that beautiful natural texture.
From a convincing faux bob to a braided, French-twist bouffant (it's easier than it sounds!), we'll show you the step-by-step to getting each look right. Click through, watch and learn — and promise us that you'll mix it up with those beautiful locks this year, okay?

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