The Ultimate Lazy-Day Style Guide

Our favorite part of the year is finally here — and, no, we don't mean the holidays specifically. (But, we're thrilled for that, too.) We're talking about "National Lazy Month." Never heard of it? Okay, so, we just invented it, but here's a little insight. This is one of the only times of the year when you can actually lie dormant on your sofa with minimal guilt. Seriously. Shopped like crazy checking off your gift list? Take a nap. Eaten one several festive meals? Sit your toosh in that recliner, binge-watch your DVR, and so on.
But, to avoid feeling like a scrub in an oversize, stained tee and stodgy lounge pants, snuggle up in cozy-yet-stylish couch-potato duds instead. Because, why not look cute even in the comfort of your own home? Click through for 20 must-have chic sweats and pretty PJs that'll make you feel less like a grungy cave person and a little more human as you relish in this oh-so-lazy season. The food coma? That's optional.

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