Porn For Women: A Tasteful Guide

Let’s face it: Not all porn is created equal. As women, we like it hot, passionate, and even kinky. And, sometimes we also like to watch sex with a little extra attention to female pleasure, perhaps a touch of class, and for sure, approachable actors. If you think there aren’t options out there that satisfy your needs, think again. For a few years now, Refinery29 has been listing the best of porn made especially for women (or that we just think women will love!). Whether you’re a porn newbie or you’ve already exhausted our previous lists, you’ll want to check out these sites, books, and toys. Enjoy!
Websites: is dedicated to celebrating the female orgasm. The site is full of tasteful videos focusing on women pleasuring themselves — and each other. The videos are artsy, and they feature natural women (you’d be hard pressed to find oversized fake boobs here). For the very brave, the site even invites you to submit your own video of personal pleasure.
For The Girls
This site has it all — and it's all just for women. Highlights include videos and photos of men you actually want to see naked, porn that is sensual and sexy (but still with plenty of kink), and an online magazine offering everything from erotic fiction to sex advice.’s mission is to provide videos that aren't fake sex-like performances, but the real deal. They’re free of "porn clichés," and are submitted by the people for the people. (Yup, you can submit your own homemade creations.) Unlike other sites with monthly fees, this one lets you rent videos you love and watch them as many times as you want for three weeks. The cool part: 50% of the $5 you pay to rent goes to whoever uploaded the video in the first place.
For those who prefer to read porn than watch it, this site makes sifting through hundreds of tantalizing tales easy. Since the stories are written by amateurs, some are better than others. But, whether you’re looking for plots involving group sex or romantic couples, you’ll be able to find them here.
Porn_women_3bIllustrated By Ly Ngo.
Dark Gracie
Blogger Dark Gracie tells all on her site, which is full of tales about exciting real-life sexual encounters. Her stories are oh-so racy and jump right to the point (no drawn-out silly plots here). She’s not afraid to get a little freaky, so don’t be surprised to find a little BDSM thrown in.
Hey Epiphora
Hey Epiphora is “where sex toys go to be judged.” Epiphora’s writing is great. Her reviews are frank and often hilarious. I’d suggest never buying a new sex toy without first reading what her “discerning vagina” has to say about it. Warning: After reading this blog, your wallet may suffer — there are so many fun gadgets out there to try!
Vagina Antics
First of all, the writers of this blog, Heather and Nikki, are super kinky. They’ve tried stuff many women wouldn’t even dream of — orgies, BDSM, laser hair removal down there… But the great thing about these two BFFS is that their writing is so relatable, funny, and honest that they’ll have you accepting all these sexy habits as normal ways of life — and probably even craving to try them yourselves.
Porn_women_2Illustrated By Ly Ngo.
LELO Soraya
Remember back in the ‘90s when the ladies of Sex and the City geeked out over the awesome orgasms they could get with the Rabbit? The sex toy world has come a long way since then, and this beautiful specimen is the next generation of Rabbit. It's dual action, smooth design will tickle both your clitoris and your G-spot for mind-blowing orgasms. $199, available at
NU Sensuelle Point
If your old-school bullet vibrator isn't doing it for you anymore, the NU Sensuelle Point is just what you need to kick things up a notch. Touted as one of the most powerful clitoris stimulators on the market, this bullet certainly packs a punch. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so it’s always ready when you are. $69.95, available at
Crave Duet Lux
This vibrator is super sleek and super quiet. Its unique shape surrounds the clitoris for maximum stimulation, and each prong has an individual motor so you can really mix things up. Perfect for the girl on the go, this travel-sized vibe charges in your computer’s USB port — and holds up to 10GB of data! $219, available at
Porn_women_4Illustrated By Ly Ngo.
Best Women's Erotica 2013
Brought to us by Violet Blue, an author, video blogger and sexpert who's made quite the name for herself in the world of erotica, this collection is all about what women want. The 18 sexy stories (all written by women) cover every sexy scenario you never knew you were into, from fantasy to fetishes. $12.80, available on Amazon.
Serving Him
Move over Fifty Shades of Grey. This collection, edited by erotica veteran Rachel Kramer Bussel, will bring out your inner submissive without having to sift through the banal thoughts of Anastasia Steele. Other collections worth checking out from Kramer Bussel include Between the Cheeks, for those who are into anal sex, and The Big Book of Orgasms, for those into, well, orgasms. $11.83, available on Amazon.
Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
This classic tale is like a Jane Austen novel on Viagra. Fanny Hill, considered the first pornographic novel, was written in 1748, but was only legal to sell in the U.S. beginning in 1963. Telling the tale of an orphaned teenage girl turned prostitute, this scandalous book may be full of old-fashioned innuendo, but it hasn’t lost its sex appeal over time. $9.89, available on Amazon.

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