Sartorial Book Club: R29ers Divulge Their Favorite Reads

In search of that next great read? Well, look no further! Following the success of R29's first sartorial book club, we're bringing you a bigger and better part two — and, just in time for the long, holiday weekend. Since we harbor an overwhelming number of bibliophiles within our ranks, gathering worthy recommendations wasn't too difficult. So, courtesy of our obnoxiously well-read staff, we've got the lowdown on 14 epic stories — including classic novels like The Count of Monte Cristo and contemporary best sellers like 1Q84 — to dive into, right now.
And, since we wouldn't be us without a fashionable plot twist, we've selected the appropriate accoutrements — clothes, shoes, jewelry, home goods, and more — to accompany each tome. Because, why not? Now, you can seek vengeance in Marseille with Edmond Dantès, tornado your way to Oz, or fight for social justice with Scout and Atticus in Maycomb, Alabama — even after you finish reading. Spoiler alert: The 14 books ahead may consume your entire Saturday night. But, rest assured, they're totally worth it.

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