Holiday Palettes So Pretty, You'll Fall In Love With Them

No matter what your current level of holiday excitement is (on a scale of dread to delight), there's one aspect of this oh-so-festive season that consistently wins our hearts: all the pretty palettes, of course. They're sparkly, shimmery, smoky, and vibrant — not to mention professionally and lovingly arranged to satisfy both our eyes and our hearts. What's not to love?
In our humble opinion, the point of a perfect holiday palette isn't that you're going to wear every single shade at once. Rather, we look for our palettes to inspire us with color pairings we've never thought of and textures we've never tried. And, of course, we want the whole thing to look gorgeous in its case, duh.
Click through to join us as we ogle the most gorgeous palettes this season has to offer. We're not sure if we want to use them or just rub our faces on them like cats. That's normal, right?

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