30+ Things Every Woman Should Know Before She's 30

Saturn returns. The astrological idea that everyone experiences a massive, say, change between 28 and 31 (when Saturn returns to the place it was at birth) may be a new-age, touchy-feely concept, but there is real truth to the idea. It actually makes an incredible amount of sense, because your 20s are simultaneously an incredibly formative time while also being the decade where every woman can make myriad mistakes.
Since the number 29 is a part of our DNA, we decided to talk to eight incredibly diverse women about what they want, who they currently are, or what they wished they knew in their third decade. Each of these ladies chose to reveal certain parts of their lives and give crucial advice about their expectations (and the expectations placed upon them). And, each one has a perspective — be they in their early-20s, late-20s, or are already past them, about what everyone needs to know (and forget) before their own Saturn return.

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