Holiday Party Hair Made Easy

As the holidays grow ever closer, our usual panic over what the heck we're going to do with our hair for all those parties is reaching a crescendo. What usually happens this time of year is that our social calendars get so jam-packed, we have a hard enough time remembering what day it is, let alone which events, parties, shindigs, and get-togethers we're supposed to be at.
Because of this social amnesia, there's been more than one occasion where we've shown up at the office sporting less-than-inspired hair, thinking we've got nothing more on our plates than a day of staring at our computer screens, only to realize we actually have a major holiday fête later that night. Not something you want to realize at the last minute when you're sporting a greasy, lank, second-day ponytail.
Because we feel your pain (boy, do we), we went to hair pro Kyra Dorman and asked her to show us how to take our ho-hum hair and turn it into something party-ready. From a blah bun to a dirty 'do, she worked her mane magic and transformed our daytime styles into rad, party-perfect looks, without using a billion products or styling tools.
Keep clicking to get the step-by-step breakdown on these tress transformations.

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