Eye Spy: 9 DIY Looks For YOUR Eye Color

Even those of us who fall on the low-maintenance side of the glamour scale admit to putting some effort into our look. We don't just throw on any shoes with that mini or any hair color on our tresses (at least not anymore). So, why would we insist on using a generic, run-of-the-mill eyeshadow palette?
To help you find colors that will make your specific eye color pop, we challenged makeup artist Mari Shten to create three new looks for blue, brown, and green eyes. We hate to get all art-school hip on you, but we got a few lessons on color theory that we could use to step up our shade game, along with finding out that matchy-matchy is about as modern as a flip phone.
To create eyes that mesmerize, Shten says it’s not about matching your eye color, it’s about magnifying it. Ready to see the highbrow makeup looks that'll brighten up your peepers? Read on for the ultimate color guide for your eyes only, ahead.

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