Forever 21 Features Disney Characters — & It's Not Goofy!

No matter what age we are, part of us will always be Disney fans at heart. And, usually only at heart because the Mickey wares out there tend to gear a bit too kitschy. But, while we may have initially expected Forever 21's 46-piece Disney line to feel a bit over-the-top, we're happy to say that's not the case.
In fact, we can really get behind the quirky, '80s, retro vibe of the collection. From pop art and cropped sweatshirts to splashy bomber jackets and high-tops, we're positive we'll still feel like our fashion-forward and, yes, chic selves, but now with a bit of old-fashioned fun.
Inspired by Disney archives from 1984, the Mickey & Co. line isn't just about the famous mouse — it's also peppered with a bit of Minnie and Pluto. In other words, you've got options. Check out some of our favorites from the collection, ahead, and shop them all in stores and online, right now.

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