8 Super-Tall Steppers That'd Look Better Sans Platform

Disclaimer: I currently own and lovingly wear these and these, and I also bookmarked these while doing research for this post. So, while I'm obviously not anti-platform, I did want to take a moment to reflect on whether adding that extra, dizzying chunk of height to a preferred shoe style feels more, well, indulgent than actually new and cutting-edge. See exhibits A through H: eight pairs of platform shoes that seemingly have no reason to actually be platforms. In fact, that's so much the case that each shoe even has its very own (shorter) doppelgänger — that is, if doppelgängers offered less risk of ankle sprains and didn't come with an evil omen.
Of course, this is neither a cease-and-desist against the Lita (are people buying them anymore?), nor a petition to dress like a "grown lady." It's shoe porn, in the most literal sense: a slew of dressed-up stompers exaggerated to heights more appropriate for ogling than actually bringing home to share space in your bedroom. Click through to gasp, shop, or save for your desktop, which I did with the pictured, absolutely ridiculous take on workman boots that I cannot and do not want to stop staring at.

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