Trend Takeout: 3 Clever Ways To Cozy Up To Turtlenecks

If you're still wearing sandals and warming yourself with only a denim jacket, chances are you're in fall-weather denial. And, we completely sympathize. Sadly, though, it's time to bundle up and face the impending chill in something a bit more substantial, and we're bringing in backup in the form of cozy turtleneck sweaters.
A chunky, up-to-the-chin pullover is not only sure to keep away the shivers, but it can also look chic and dressy enough for all your big, Saturday night plans. Yes, that means you can stay warm even after you check your coat. Watch on as our NY editor, Annie, shows us how it's done with three easy-to-replicate looks.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer; Shot by Jack Pearce and Kenny Wu.

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