Rachel Antonoff, Aubrey Plaza, A Puppy, & Prints Make Up Spring's Ultimate Lookbook

It's no secret that Rachel Antonoff rolls with a pretty rad crew. So, when it came time to choose a model for her spring '14 line, the designer settled on funny girl Aubrey Plaza.
And, we're more than satisfied — and certainly not surprised. You see, Plaza's blunt comedic charm totally mirrors Antonoff's design aesthetic, which we've always considered to be quite direct: think lived-in, no-fuss silhouettes with a touch of nostalgia that are almost always covered in the most tasteful of quirky prints.
Such is the case with the new collection, which is composed of heart-shaped eyelets and patches, a pastel floral motif, and, of course, graphic tees and sweatshirts. Dresses that are equal parts flirty and demure get (literally) capped off with baseball hats. Meanwhile, two-tone brogues, loafers, and jelly sandals make for perfect accoutrements (aside from Plaza's signature stink eye, which is the real standout accessory here). Click through for the full spin cycle.

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