20 Oversized Pouches That'll Seriously Improve Your Bag Game

No matter your budget, be it thrift store or designer, fashionable finds need not be out of reach. So, we're bringing you the cream of the crop in trending buys — and in price ranges to suit every girl's wallet.
Let's just face the facts: We are never going to fit all of our junk into a teensy-weensy little pouch. While pint-sized purses are just about as cute as they come, this bag is perhaps a little too small to be taken seriously in the large-pocketbook arena. But, we're not throwing in the towel on them just yet. As it just so happens, we're huge advocates of this clutch silhouette, and we're also into anything oversized right now. Fusing together both concepts, the oversized pouch is pretty much a no-brainer — and a definite fashion "do."
From leopard prints and python textures to metallics and good ol' polka dots, the 20 buys ahead are the perfect size to carry your cell phone, lipstick, credit cards, morning yogurt, and an iPad, too. So, go ahead — rethink your bag game.

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