You'll Never Guess Who Makes These Shoes (And Bags, And Jewelry!)

While there's been a huge resurgence of '90s style in the form of plaid and slip dresses, let us not forget some of its most important markers: stars, safety pins, and holograms — basically, the stuff that made school supplies and our old denim jackets shine. But, instead of popping up on kitschy trend throwbacks, these old friends have now found their way into the standout Sonia Rykiel accessories collection.
Here, there are no Trapper Keepers in sight. Instead, this line is all buttery-leather bags in every shape and size; shiny, perforated pouches; beautiful brooches that sparkle; and shoes with detailing so pretty, we're not sure whether to wear 'em or frame 'em. Plus, we can't help but wax nostalgic over the holographic fabrics that cover Rykiel's wallets and the star studding that's spread across handbags. And, those brooches? Safety pins, a.k.a. the proverbial thread that held '90s grunge together. While it's not all a walk down memory lane, each piece is worth a peek. Trust: If Sonia Rykiel wasn't on your list for go-to luxury-brand accessories, this spring '14 line will definitely change your mind.

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