8 Fresh Ways To Update Your Hair Color

What is it about cold winds a-blowin' that make us crave, nay, need a hair change? Sometimes it's a yearning for bangs, sometimes a shorter cut. But often, it's an update to our hair color. Whether it's going darker or lighter or brighter or redder, getting a new look in time for the holidays is in order — hey, it's almost November. So, we reached out to hair-color genius Dana Ionato at Sally Hershberger Salon to tell us exactly how we should update our hair hues for cool weather.
Ionato delivered with ideas for hair shades all over the spectrum. Yes, she even has an update to the now-ubiquitous ombré (sombré, anyone?). So, whether you're looking to enhance your natural shade or go totally technicolor, now is the time to give it a shot. Click through to steal all of this pro's best ideas — and clip your favorite for your next salon trip to make sure your new shade kills it.

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