The 10 Reaction GIFs To Use This November

We're going to let you in on a little R29 HQ secret: We love GIFs. Rarely will a team-wide e-mail chain go without at least one sassy reaction animation getting thrown in the mix. Cats, dogs, people falling, people laughing, the occasional voguing child — you name it, we've sent it.
So, as a gif(t) to you, dear friends, we've joined forces with Giphy, the coolest GIF curators on the web, to bring you the top ten reaction GIFs to use for the coming month. Now, there are plenty of emotions to go through over the course of 30 days — heck, there's a slew to be had in the span of one hour — so use these judiciously. There's no greater party foul than misusing a reaction GIF. Oh, and don't worry about thanking us right away. We understand the joy and ego boost that comes with instantly changing your texts and e-mails from droll to lol.
So, without further ado: The 10 Reaction Gifs To Use This Month, November Edition.
When your hometown BFFs suggest going out the night before the Turkey Trot.
When you run into old high school friends who enviously compliment you for getting out of town.
Then, when you're trying to explain how awkward it was talking to your prom date-slash-first love.
When your extended family arrives for Thanksgiving dinner.
When your family wins Two Hand Touch.
When Grandma says something naughty after her second wine cooler.
When you're describing how you ravaged Thanksgiving dinner.
When you step on the scale come Black Friday.
When you roll your eyes and decide to own the food baby you've procured over the course of vacation.
When you leave the mall and pass the obnoxiously long line of Black Friday shoppers still waiting to get inside.

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