6 Super-Simple Fitness Apps That Do (Most of) The Work For You

We’ll be the first to admit — regardless of good fitness intentions, that it’s easy to get a bit lazy when it comes to heading to the gym or pounding the pavement. Whether it’s remembering how exactly to do that funky plyometric lunge or just pushing through the burn to crush those extra calories, most of us could use a little outside help. Of course, personal trainers are great for tailoring workouts that help us reach our goals, as well as providing that extra kick in the butt we all need from time to time. But now, there’s a simpler (and cheaper) alternative. A new generation of fitness apps is bringing your workout into the digital era with the help of videos, integrated social networks, GPS, and more. Give them a try — who knows, they might even make your next workout (gasp) fun!

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