Lingerie To Feel Pretty AND Powerful In

When it comes to underwear, you don't waver about your preferences. Ever since you figured out the training bra, you know exactly what kinds of cotton briefs, little thongs, and sci-fi shape wear suits your body, wardrobe, and tastes. So, how come lingerie is always such a mystery?
Finicky and over-the-top, most intimate wear seems to have the ability to turn what's supposed to be a private moment into a total gag. Why so much lace? What are those strings supposed to connect to? And, why is it, exactly, that you would need a cutout there? It's almost enough to turn you off of the whole ordeal — except you know just how powerful it feels when you're wearing a good set. If you're looking for a little something with a certain someone (even if that someone is yourself), we've got plenty of options of delicate and devastatingly seductive lingerie that'll make you feel like a goddess, not a goober.

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