College Style! 46 NYC Students Who Aced It

How to pass a test without really studying, how to deal with an awkward roommate situation, how to eat mac and cheese for every meal, and how to stay up till 4 a.m...every night of the week — these are just a few of the choice "real-world" lessons we learned in college. At the same time, we also learned to break away from style patterns inherited from toddler years (good-bye, ribbon belts!) and came into our own.
And, the results yielded from days of field testing at Big Apple universities proved us right: College truly is a time when personal fashion really begins to flourish. But, just in case you need more evidence, we snapped 46 coeds that aced the sartorial test. So, which school wowed you most? Flip through and vote for your teacher's pet in the comments below. As for that mac-and-cheese routine? Well, some things you never fully outgrow.

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