Lipstick Junkie: One Editor, Six Fall Colors

When I was assigned this story, my honest-to-Goddess first thought was, "How in the world will I pick only six lipsticks?"
You see, when it comes to lipstick, there's literally no color I won't wear. It's not a matter of having a particularly versatile face (some might even argue that my vampire-like complexion makes me a poor candidate for most colors). That being said, I don't even really buy into the whole idea of "right" and "wrong" colors for someone. Personally, I think it's simply a matter of wearing a color confidently — and, of course, applying it well and adjusting the rest of your makeup to match it.
So, in the pages that follow, you're about to see a whole lot of my face wearing a whole lot of different makeup. It's not intended to be all that instructional, as what works for my face is not guaranteed to work for your face, since, you know, we're different people. I'm hoping, though, that you'll feel inspired to try out some new colors on your lips — if I can wear black lipstick (yes, it happened), you can definitely rock that gorgeous, daring shade you've been eyeing. If you like it, go for it. What's the worst that could happen?

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