Cold-Weather Skin: How To Deal Before The Snow Hits

Raise your hand if your skin is hating this whole cool-weather transition as much as ours is. Between uncomfortable, flaking dryness and back-to-work stress zits, our mugs have been feeling the strain — from both the return to the fall grind and the major drop in humidity and temperature. This confounding combination of dryness and zits has been driving almost everyone here at R29 HQ to drastic measures. But, as we're desparately slapping on creams, oils, and toners in an attempt to soothe and clear our skin, we had to wonder: Are we doing more harm than good when it comes to cold-weather skin care?
To get to the bottom of how to fix our finicky faces during this challenging time of year, we reached out to two of our favorite dermatologists: Dr. Anne Chapas of Union Square Laser Dermatology and Dr. Harold Lancer. These in-the-know derms set us straight on how to get glowing skin from head to toe — click through for all of their tips, and get ready for your prettiest winter yet!

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