The Oddest Beauty Products We LOVE

While we all have our own set of rituals that we rely on to get us feeling our best, some of the things we do are admittedly a little bit...well, a little bit weirder than others. Hey, not all of our self-care can be pretty princess bubble baths and manicures. Sometimes we need, for example, a giant, robotic body buffer for the pimples on the backs of our arms. We're only human.
We had a feeling that we weren't the only ones doing odd things in the name of beauty while in the comfort of our own homes. So, we polled our fellow R29ers to see the weirdest things they use in secret to get gorgeous — and we learned way more about our colleagues than we ever thought we would. Luckily, when it comes to beauty, we don't believe in over-sharing; after all, we've learned some of our best secrets from one another. So, click through for the weirdest products we're using. We're betting you'll love some of them, too.

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