Miu Miu Wants You To Be "Undateable"

For a certain kind of vintage enthusiast, looking "undateable" — in a sense — is a good thing. We're not talking about man-repelling here, but rather mixing your genres and decades in a thoughtful way so it doesn't look like you time traveled from a specific year. Coming across a vintage "classic" like car coats, white tights, silly wallpaper prints, suede embroidery, and shell cardigan sets are like striking gold at thrift stores, and wearing them all at once can look modern, not retro.
Miuccia Prada totally gets that feeling and presented a nostalgic collection pulling from those by-decade tropes. In thick, luxurious fabrics and unconventional color combinations (Acid tangerine with a deep, chocolate brown? Genius!), the familiar-looking separates felt like they already belonged to you, except without the musty smell. We were especially touched by the one strand of hair stuck to everyone's glossed lips, a clever beauty trick that made it all feel so intentionally undone, so familiar and real. The best part is that the sartorial story Miu Miu is telling is so easily replicable. Who doesn't already own colorful knit tights and a short-hemmed dress in a retro pattern? Throw in a brushed-out, air-dried hairstyle, a bold swipe of liner, and a goopy lip gloss, and you've basically got it down. The only thing missing? A new pastel topcoat, rose-colored sunglasses, or a sequined, magpie-boho dress from the spring collection — but we'll have half a year to save up for those!

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