The End Of Boring Makeup: 5 New DIYs To Rock Right Now

Gifted overachievers — you know the type. They're the ones who are so ridiculously talented at one thing that you're already insanely jealous of them, but then they go and wow you again by demonstrating their mad skills at a totally separate thing. Justin Timberlake and Tilda Swinton are textbook examples of the gifted overachiever — and so is Nick Barose.
The makeup artist, who trained under the legendary Kevyn Aucoin, is best known for his work on the red carpet with stars like Scarlett Johansson, Maria Bello, and Mila Kunis, and for his crazy-creative editorial work. His prowess with a makeup brush is reason alone to be in awe of the man, but turns out he's also an incredibly gifted photographer — he was recently selected by Vogue Italia and Art + Commerce to be a part of their PhotoVogue collection as an up-and-coming photographer to watch. Talk about the total package.
Since we like to give gifted overachievers their due, we set Barose loose in a studio with some makeup, a few PYT models, a camera, and his imagination and told him to dream up some out-of-the-box beauty looks for fall. On the following pages, you'll see what happens when you set a truly innovative talent free.
Click through to see these dreamy makeup ideas, but careful: Your Pinterest boards are about to get a major workout....

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