How To Wear 5 Weird Things We All Own

They're the underloved, underperforming, underutilized underdogs of your closet — and they're driving you crazy. Whether you bought it eons ago for an interview you never really wanted to go on in the first place, picked it up for a weekend trip that ended in tears (and a small fire), or received it as a gift from a distant relative you can't even remember the name of anymore, it sits there mocking you every morning when you go to your closet. "You haven't put me on in three years," it taunts. "Why can't you figure out how to wear me?" "Remember that time when you thought 'slacks' were a good idea?"
Want to show those difficult pieces who's boss? Before you unload the lot at Goodwill, take a stab at bending them to fit with our guide to making even those weird things work. Don't see your personal-closet demon in our list ahead? Click here to read the first edition we ran, with four previous suggestions to really milking your clothes for all they're worth.
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