Why One Concealer Is Simply Not Enough

When it comes to concealers, one size definitely does not fit all. I strongly believe that every woman should have a "concealer wardrobe," a.k.a. different concealers for different kinds of cover-up jobs. Here's my argument. Ready? Okay.
Take, for instance, dark circles. One of my beauty pet peeves is when a woman wears heavy, dried-out, matte concealer under her eyes — it only draws attention to the area, and it looks totally unnatural. A semi-sheer, brightening highlighter is perfect for the undereye area — since the formula bounces light, you can use less product to get the same brightening effect, and you end up simply looking like you had a great nap.
At the same time, your highlighting pen should never, ever be used on blemishes. Yes, it will cancel out some of the redness, but since major zits are usually raised off of the skin, you'll want a matte coverup that will neutralize redness and prevent any more attention from being drawn to those little buggers.
And for those minor annoyances that aren't major zits or super-dark undereye shadows? Grab a basic, light liquid concealer that will dry to a semi-matte finish, but won't be heavy or too noticeable. Seem like way too much effort? Listen, I'm all for a simplified, minimalistic makeup routine, but, in my opinion, it's worth having the exact products you need to fake perfect skin, as it's the basis of any and every makeup look. Click through to check out some of my new — and old — favorites.

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