This Might Be The Most Flattering Blush Shade, Ever

Blush has always been one of my favorite product categories, but I've never understood why most of the blushes available on the market (especially at the drugstore) are shades of dusty, pale, mauve. Who, exactly, turns dusty mauve when they're embarrassed, or sunburned, or had a good romp in the sack? Answer: nobody.
For this reason, it's become one of my missions in life to track down the best red blush shades out there. Yes, red. Especially in the cooler months, my skin turns super-pale, and nothing revives it better than a red rouge that actually mimics a rush of blood to the face — bonus points if the product has a creamy texture and can be used on the lips as well. Some women fear that bright blush will make them look overdone, but I promise that if you're looking for a lazy-day makeup look, this will be your shortcut to looking casually awesome.
The key to pulling off a ripe rouge? Start with a light foundation or BB cream to create an even base. Next, dab your red blush on the apples of the cheeks and gently blend along your cheekbones, either with your fingers or with a flat-topped brush (I love this one). Next, dab a bit of the same product onto your lips for that Liv-Tyler-in-Armageddon look. Finish with a hint of mascara, skip out the door, and enjoy all of the compliments on how "rested" and "healthy" you look! Click through to check out some of my favorite blood-red cheek tints, and let me know — would you give this look a try?

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