Ooh, Shiny: Precious Metal Makeup That's Almost Better Than The Real Thing

Confession: I like shiny things. I want to say I'm above being suckered into buying something because it sparkles, but the minute I see that telltale glint catch the light, all logic goes out the window and I go into total magpie-mode. Must.Own.Shiny.Thing.
Problem is, what looks good in the package doesn't always translate to looking just as breathtaking on me. I've been burned before by razzle-dazzle eye makeup that, once applied, winds up looking like a disco ball threw up on my face. I like sparkle, but I don't want to look like a 10-year-old with a glitter habit. Enter: Stila's Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadows.
These spankin' new cream shadows are the rare jewel in the metallic-makeup world that look just as amazing on as they do in their pretty little pots. Even better, they're actually more like two products in one, so in addition to being really, really, ridiculously good-looking, they're also economical.
Use your finger to apply the color onto your lids and you'll get a pretty, slightly chunky sparkle effect. Or, combine it with the enclosed liquid primer to create a metallic sheen. The brand's instructions for the primer are to apply it to your lids, and then put the shadow over top for stay-all-day power, but I found that if you mix a drop of the primer with the shadow, it turns into this amazing, hyper-realistic foil effect that is downright cray-cray — in the best possible way. I've been layering it over black shadows, highlighting the inner corners of my eyes with it, and generally loving it more than life itself since its entrance into my life a few days ago.
It comes in 12 shades — stock up on Comex Gold, Vintage Gold, Metallic Lavender, and Kitten, y'all — and is available now at Stila and Sephora. Judging by the multitude of glittery metallic looks we saw on both the fall and spring runways, sparkle is back in a big way, which makes these little beauties the hot buy of the season. Also, did I mention they sparkle?
Click through the slideshow to see each shade, then tell us which one is landing on your wishlist.
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