Together, Kenzo And Toilet Paper Make Our Phones So Much Cooler

Kenzo and Toilet Paper are kinda like BFFs. At least, that's our suspicion. If this was middle school, they'd be the sharp-as-tack duo sitting in the back of the class, inconspicuously sketching (instead of taking notes) whatever their imaginations could whip up and giggling at the quirky results. But, IRL, Kenzo, and Toilet Paper have found a creative partner in crime, and their resulting capsule collection of cell phone covers is unapologetically cheeky. Naturally, we love 'em.
In five designs, the new Kenzo x Toilet Paper iPhone covers depict takes on Americana, sex, and that moment when you're about to slip on a banana peel — yep, just like in the cartoons. We're so amused by these colorful illustrations, it's only right that they're displayed on the one item that we never leave home — or, let's face it, our desk — without. Retailing for $55, shop them all this month in stores, online, and at Opening Ceremony.

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