Dusen Dusen Makes The Perfect, Printed, Lazy-Girl Dress

If anyone knows how to do an easy, Brooklyn-approved dress just right, it's Ellen Van Dusen. You know how sometimes you spend hours searching for the perfect, thrift store, patterned frock, and then you attempt to hem it to a more modern shape, and the whole thing turns into a ragged mess? Well, her line solves that problem once and for all. Vintage vibes meet eye-catching pieces make it possible to achieve that most elusive of looks: the "I don't care that I just rolled out of bed and obviously still look amazing." Many have tried and failed, and it's generally done best by models off duty. But every time a Dusen Dusen lookbook rolls around, we're reminded that us normal people have a chance, too.
The latest iteration is no exception. And while the collection does have a carefree vibe, lazy isn't a word we'd use here. The meticulous and inventive patterns are the result of careful study and widespread inspiration. This season's black-and-white print is an oversized statement on equally oversized minidresses. It reminds you simultaneously of your kindergarten classroom and something you'd see at MoMa — and fittingly so, as the designer drew inspiration from kinetic artists Yaacov Agam, Carlos Cruz-Diez, and Daniel Buren.

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