Remember This? The 18 Celebrity Hairstyles You Totally Forgot

The celebrity face is omnipresent. We see the same faces day after day splashed across the Internet, billboards, newspapers, etc. Miley can change her lip color, her shade of tan, and her increasingly constricting cut of hot pant. But when do things get really interesting? When they mess with their hair.
From Miley's buzz cut to MObama's bangs, every small hair change in Hollywood becomes a news item, which means chops, dyes, and styles are well-documented. Sadly, so many appearance-revolutionizing decisions have been lost to the annals of time, forgotten and discarded like an outdated weave. Fortunately, we dug through the past and sifted through some truly surprising hair moments that, for a brief while, felt just as game-changing as Emma Watson going short or Rihanna's...well, everything.

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